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It's already been a crazy day at the early weigh-ins. missed weight forcing himself and off the card. came in overweight resulting in rehydrating up to 157lbs to keep the fight on the card. And a wild appeared from nowhere (but no one knows what that means).

However, one of the craziest moments from this morning involved Conor McGregor and welterweight champion . As Woodley walked over to the hydration table, the welterweight champ nodded in acknowledgement towards Conor McGregor. Instead of reciprocating, let's just say gave an icy reply.

We can't imagine what could of caused this impromptu moment...

Actually, yes, we can. After last nights antics involving another projectile nearly thrown by Conor McGregor towards his opponent at a presser, Woodley posted the following to his social media channels.

Without a doubt Woodley had the best view of the incident involving lightweight champion and Conor McGregor. However, an educated guess would make us believe that it's not the content but rather the caption that the Irishman took issue with.

We still have the public weigh ins to look forward to before the UFC makes its New York debut at Madison Square Gardens. We can only expect more fireworks.


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