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Jason Nawara

Conor McGregor may seem like a hothead, but he's a smart businessman. With his Twitter war against Tyron Woodley, he's now verbally come down on the welterweight champ, where he has a win, while holding the featherweight belt and simultaneously fighting for the lightweight belt. Like it or not, Conor is now relevant in three weight divisions.

It's fascinating stuff, but doesn't seem to care about what's going on.

"I had already weighed-in so I went to grab some water, so I had to go around him to get some water. So I said, 'hey what's up man?'And walked past him but he kinda had a mug. So I turned back and said, 'I said what's up.' He turned around and said, (mugging), 'what's up.' I don't know what people saw on the video but I'm not that guy."

Woodley went on to explain that it was 's follow-up on Twitter that really irked him:

"You can't, one, call me a b*tch. That's like a slap in the face or spit in the face where I'm from... That's something you don't cross the line with with me... I just want to be clear, because some people had a misconception of what went on there."

All of this, because Conor went wild and Woodley simply recorded some video.


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