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Scott McCann

Earlier today and were involved in a tense encounter at the early weigh-ins. Following the antics at last night's press conference, welterweight champ Woodley posted the following to his social media channels:

The obviously took issue with the T-Wood's captioning of the incident and showed his disdain for the fighter when the two met at the hydration table. Woodley nodded to the Irishman in acknowledgment, to which McGregor reciprocated with an icy stare. The two briefly sized each other up before Woodley walked off.

We all thought that was the end of the incident but in the age of social media, small incidents can be put under a magnifying glass and exasperated. Taking to twitter the two champions continued their bizarre feud in a war of words.

This prompted an over the top reply from Conor McGregor, reusing his infamous 'You'll do nothing' quote to .

With things heating up between the two, maybe we'll see a showdown some time in 2017? Of course, maybe this is all pre-fight adrenaline and dramatics.


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