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Amy Kaplan

It's never a dull moment at a press conference where UFC lightweight champion is in attendance; and UFC welterweight Tyron Woodley came prepared to capture the madness.

Woodley had a perfect snap of McGregor (dressed like a pimp) arriving to the presser late (again) and creating a ruckus that everyone, including Eddie Alvarez, enjoyed.

Woodley, who was sitting next to McGregor's opponent, , leapt to his feet, phone in hand to capture McGregor reach for a folded chair and pretend like he was going to throw it at Alvarez. Woodley wasn't phased.

This of course is a play on McGregor's part referring to his last press conference with Nate Diaz.

Don't worry guys, I checked, the coat's fine.

Watch Woodley face Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson this Saturday at UFC 205, live from Madison Square Garden.


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