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Justin Golightly

Tony Ferguson is fed up. The Boogeyman is hungry for blood and the biggest fight of his life has escaped. It seems like Ferguson has crashed through the ceiling of his Khabib Nurmagomedov grief cycle, now he's ready to move on. On The MMA Hour, Ferguson set his sights on Nate freaking Diaz and suddenly we're all having trouble remembering that Russian guy with the fuzzy hat's name.

Wow. Okay, there's a big chance is just going to continue to wait for the third fight, but may have enough verbal venom to coax the Stockton ninja into battle. Not only would this fight exciting as all hell, but at least if Diaz wins it gives a little more merit to the rematch.

With Ramadan being a road block for and Ferguson adamant he's not moving down to fight anyone, can the MMA gods smile upon us? Don't be scared, deities.


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