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Things just haven't worked out for Tim Kennedy leading up to what was supposed to be his return to MMA after two years off at , but his attention has turned to other matters.

As a line from early 2000's cult hit "Snakes on a Plane" rears its ugly head: Kennedy is tired of all these expletive fighters not making their expletive weight! So fed up in fact, that he erupted recently about it and it's something you need to hear.

"Leading up to the fight, it's what you're eating, it's how hard you're training, your caloric intake, how much you're burning," Kennedy said to Submission Radio. These are all literal choices that an athlete makes..."

Kennedy was already disappointed when Rashad Evans was pulled from the card for undisclosed medical reasons, but having his fight rescheduled to helped. However, things just got worse when Kennedy's teammate Donald Cerrone's fight was pulled because Kevin Gastelum couldn't make weight.

"That's Kelvin Gastelum and Thiago [Alves] saying, 'I don't care about the fans'. That's what they're doing. They don't care about the sport, they don't care about their integrity -- because that's what it is. I signed a contract that on this day, this Friday, I will step on the scale and weigh 'this'," Kennedy said. "That's what it says in the contract and in return you'll pay me. That's the point in being a prize fighter. So now they're breaking their word, they're breaking their contract and they're disrespecting their opponent -- but worst of all, they're saying 'f-ck you to the fans'."

"That's unbelievable In 16 years as a professional athlete, with making weight over 200 times, I've never missed weight," Kennedy said. "I feel horrible for my teammate, Cowboy. I mean, we sweat, we bled, we busted our asses together out at the ranch. You can't imagine what we poured into these fights to be here at Madison Square Garden, to be here in New York, to be part of UFC 205."

A silver lining is that both men get to drink cold beer and eat whatever they want as spectators for UFC's first show at . It also looks like Cerrone may fight Matt Brown on the same card as Kennedy's rescheduled fight as well.

Watch Kennedy's entire rant down below.


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