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After is said and done, we should all look at Dana White's Twitter account to see if he recreates Scrooge McDuck diving into his swimming pool of gold coins.

Tickets to UFC 205 are reaching the stratosphere leading up to the historical UFC New York debut. When tickets first went on sale, they were already pricey in general, but now it looks like you better be on this list of 23 celebrity UFC investors if you're even thinking about being able to buy these tickets. Just today, according to CNN Money, StubHub had tickets for as high as $25,000 — each.

If that's too rich for your blood, check out this screencap of slightly more affordable tickets on sale at in the special "ZUFFA" section.

I'm guessing that this ticket lets you sit next to Dana White, where you can be called you a goof all night. You may even be somewhere near apple-eating and Red Hot Chili Pepper frontman, Anthony Kiedis. You know those people who try and steal fighter's hats at the walkway? You'll probably be able to bottle their sweat from where these tickets are.

Of course, this is an isolated ticket just like the aforementioned $25k whopper. The highest price as of today on Ticket City was $12,550 and it's only Tuesday. These are probably going to go up higher than Joe Rogan's blood pressure as the event gets closer. To put it in perspective, resale prices got up as high as $17,789.

However, if you look at the median of all the numbers so far in history, UFC 205 is already the all-time highest re-seller by a wide margin according to CBS Sports MMA.

According to Ticket City, the median ticket price on the secondary market for UFC 205 is $971, more than $300 more than UFC 200, which had previously held the record for median price at $657. With UFC 205 included, four of the six most in-demand tickets on the secondary market in UFC history will be the last four McGregor fights

The Top Median Ticket Prices in UFC History

  • UFC 205 — Alvarez vs. McGregor — $971 ★
  • UFC 200 — Tate vs. Nunes — $657
  • UFC 194 — Aldo vs. McGregor — $600
  • UFC 189 — Mendes vs. McGregor — $502
  • UFC 148 — Silva vs. Sonnen II — $460
  • UFC 196 — Diaz vs. McGregor — $420

Plot twist: So, not only is UFC 205 the biggest re-seller card ever, but statistically McGregor has been the driving force this exponential rise. The first New York card, combined with the historic Madison Square Garden venue headlined by McGregor created the perfect storm. ...And the storm is that money tornado booth from 1970's game shows.

How far we've come from UFC 100, when ticket prices were $1,000, $750, $500, $300, $200 and $100.

So, what does all this mean?


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