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Justin Golightly

It's time to talk about the bear in the room.

Sure, put on an amazing striking clinic and made history by dethroning the "Underground King" at , but there was one man whose performance put fear in everyone's hearts: Habeeb Nurmagabock.

Wait, I mean Khabib Nurmagomedov.

After throwing Michael Johnson around like his little brother, and delivering some of the most vicious (and loud) ground and pound ever seen, Nurmagomedov has his own Nate Diaz post-fight moment where he called out "chicken" McGregor. This perfect storm led to wide-open mouths from fans and a super famous co-sign.

Snoop Dogg was watching UFC 205 live in studio and just had to start filming Nurmagomedov for Instagram. If you have seen Snoop offer his commentary for Planet Earth, then him doing play-by-play on his new favorite fighter is a must-watch, foh shizzle.

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