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defeated via unanimous decision at on Saturday night, live from Madison Square Garden, New York.

After a three round war, Edgar stole the win for the Fox Sports 1 prelim featured bout (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

"I made it to the Garden, baby," Edgar said in his post fight interview, then asked UFC president, Dana White to add him to the Brooklyn card.

Edgar opened round one trying for multiple takedowns, but Stephens was able to defend, keeping the fight standing. Despite the takedown defense, Edgar was able to get Stephens against the cage for a submission attempt. Stephens' defense was too good for the former champion.

Halfway thought the round, Edgar was finally able to take Stephens to the ground, but wasn't able to keep him there to do any damage. Stephens accidentally poked Edgar in the eye, and despite the objections from the New Jersey native, was forced to have a Dr. check the eye. The fight continued after that with Stephens landing power shots and kicks to Edgar's head.

Round two began with an accidental groin punch to Stephens, but after only a brief pause in the action, the fight resumed. Edgar was able to get his another takedown, and was finally able to keep him on the ground, but Stephens was able to get back to his feet with little damage. Stephens landed a quick kick to Edgar's face, dropping him to the canvas where he was able to capitalize by landing multiple elbows while Edgar was still wobbling. Edgar showed the knockdown was behind him when he slammed Stephens to the ground, attempting a tight Guillotine, but unable to get the tap before the bell.

Both fighters entered round three knowing that they needed the finish, but Edgar was the first to act by dragging Stephens to the ground. Stephens grabbed Edgar's arm and attempted an unsuccessful kimura. Throughout the struggle, Edgar was able to gain back control where he dominated Stephens on the ground. With two minutes left in the round, the fight went back to the feet, and it became anyone's game once again. Neither fighter was able to secure the finish and the fight went to decision.

This is Edgar's first win since losing to Jose Aldo at UFC 200.


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