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Jason Nawara

The MMA World collectively shook their heads and made sad faces into Twitter when the news of being pulled from broke today. Evans has struggled to return to his championship form after multiple knee surgeries and various injuries piled up, and now he gets pulled from the UFC's biggest card four days before heading to the cage?

That's heartbreaking stuff.

And let's nor forget about his dancing partner, Tim Kennedy, who has been busy as a TV personality and away from the Octagon for over two years. This was third billing on the Fox Sports 1 prelims, and it could've been a headliner. At least we have small fights like McGregor/Alvarez to fall back on...

So why did Evans get pulled? According to MMA Fighting Evans received a letter from the New York State Athletic Commission while he was en route to New York. The letter stated that an October 19th MRI showed "irregular findings," He was then asked to do more tests, which he completed and said passed. But, an issue allegedly came up (which Evans is not disclosing) and now the fight is gone.

"I'm disappointed," Evans told "I'm healthy. I don't want anyone worrying about me. I'm fine, physically speaking. Never felt better. It's just the commission and their rules. I guess they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this."

So if an MRI had irregular findings and he still passed a physical, then what's the point of the physical? He says he feels fine physically, but if it's his knee again, this could be bad. Hopefully he makes it back soon.

Meanwhile, Tim Kennedy is supposedly still in the air and hasn't heard the news. His Twitter feed will probably feature one more sad smiley for the pile when he lands. Evans is 37-years-old, as is Kennedy.


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