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In two rounds, reignited the flame of a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight and now is in a real argument for being the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world.

The bombastic dynamo with a sniper left turned into a zen master at . McGregor made , a guy who has beaten champions and former champions in a laundry list of organizations, look like an amateur. Joe Rogan and former UFC fighter, Brendan Schaub recapped the performance and the implications on the latest episode if the Joe Rogan Experience.

"It's almost bizarre how good Conor [McGregor] is," said on his podcast. "The way he picked apart Eddie Alvarez...almost bizarre. Like, magical. That's almost the word I want to use. Like, he touches motherf-ckers with that left hand..."

Schaub: They didn't even look like they were on the same planet. One guy looked like he was from Mars and the other guy looked like he was just a normal dude trying to figure it out.

Rogan: It looked like Eddie, the moment he got hit, was like, what the f-ck...

Schaub: You could see on his face he was like, holy bejeezus what am I doing here?

Ironically, this type of description is only slightly hyperbole. Yet, it brings about a valid question. Sure, McGregor hasn't defended his first featherweight title. Sure, McGregor skipped the line to the lightweight title. However, McGregor was able to beat two champions at two different weights at a combined three minutes and seventeen seconds. What is next for a guy like that?

"His next fight — and it's going to be such a fight — is with WME. It's not with anyone out there. If you think he's fighting[Tony] Ferguson or Khabib [Nurmagomedov] next, you're bat sh-t crazy. I think his next fight will be Nate [Diaz] for the belt at 155lbs," Schaub said. "This is the other thing you got to worry about though, how much power are they going to give McGregor? 145, 155, 170? He just wraps up all these [belts]?"

"Dude, do you know how crazy that would be if he did it though? I say let him do it. Let him try. I bet [Tyron] Woodley would say it," Rogan said. "Woodley would say, 'let him try'. Do you know how big Woodley looks compared to him?"

Maybe McGregor isn't going for the same type of legacy as fighters like Georges St-Pierre or Anderson Silva. These fighters who cleaned out their divisions for years but never fought each other. McGregor on the other hand, has found a way to skip straight to the boss battle in a video game and win. Not only that, now he demands a piece of the pie, and unlike others in the past, he may just get it.

Fans and fighters may have problems with this method, but he who has played Super Mario Bros. 3 and not taken full advantage of the warp whistles, throws the first fireball.

Watch the whole JRE clip below.


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