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Justin Golightly

It's a tradition that Joe Rogan yells for every fight card. He does it well and this historic card deserves all the yelling. Every bit.

The weed-smoking, psychedelic kettlebell-slingin' freak has some special aura about him that hypes you way more for fights than normal humans. Maybe he found out about a special method or a had an epiphany in one of his isolation tanks. Maybe it's the fact like he gets real red and his facial expressions make him look like Abobo from Double Dragon.

Either way, Rogan is elite among the very elite at his job of hyperbole — or just hype.

Will UFC 205 be the biggest fight card of all time? Yep!
Will UFC 205 be the biggest fight card of all time? Yep!

With three titles on the line, four champions and an undercard that the UFC could make six UFC on Fox main events out of, it's understandable why Rogan is so excited. It truly is a card that will go down in the history books and it all takes place at Madison Square Garden. If he's this pumped-up now, imagine the amount of yelling at . Prepare yourself!

Watch the full "Rogan Riffs" video down below and try to match Rogan's vein numbers.


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