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The "Man with the Iron Fist," , put on a historical and masterful performance at .

Unfortunately, for the highest of highs, there is always a lowest of the lows. The thrill and the agony are at their absolute extremes in combat sports is intimately familiar with these highs and lows, and opened up to Chael Sonnen about what went wrong.

"I got hit and it was like I went right and I boxed. I did the opposite of my plan for eight minutes when the whole plan for two months was go left and mostly wrestle," Alvarez said to Chael Sonnen on You're Welcome.

It turns out it wasn't just McGregor's sniper left hand that changed Alvarez's entire plan for the fight. Just like , a checked kick injured Alvarez's foot in the opening exchanges, which hindered one of the key techniques of the entire fight.

"The first minute I landed about three, really hard [leg kicks]," Alvarez said to Sonnen. "They were successful, but I think on the third one I might have went foot to shin, then I had to shut it down. I couldn't throw any more of them even though they were successful."

"I've been getting on [social media] that I threw the fight. People are telling me oh, you threw the fight, you threw fight, you threw the fight," Alvarez said. "I literally can understand these people's frustration with me and telling me that. When I watch the fight personally myself, I did everything to lose this f-cking fight."

While it seems like Alvarez is pretty down on himself, a lot can happen in the six months McGregor will be absent from his newer and even bigger throne. Although, Alvarez believes it's not the lightweight vision daddy Mac will come back to, but the welterweight division.

"Tony Ferguson is not a pay-per-view. That's not a draw. Nobody cares about that. I don't know many people would care about Khabib [Nurmagomedov]," Alvarez said, "People would only really care if he fought for a third title. That would be fun. A lot of people would tune in to that, if he fought for the 170lbs."

Both men were pretty classy in victory and defeat.


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