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Justin Golightly

The circuits are overloaded. They can't handle the power. Generators are kicking in. UFC 205 is officially "lit" as the kids say, but will it stay lit?

During the early morning weigh-ins today, the power flickered and went out. It just so happens, that this went down during Conor McGregor's visit to the scales. Both McGregor and Eddie Alvarez would make weight, at 154.6lbs and 154.4lbs respectively, but only one fighter would turn the lights off.

Maybe all this is going to his head though. After weighing in, McGregor faced off with monster welterweight Tyron Woodley. Could he already literally be eyeing a third belt before winning two?

We'll have to wait to see how about that life McGregor is at , he has a G-check in the form of "Underground King" to get past and that is no easy task.

Check out the literal "showstopper" below!


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