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Conor McGregor's training camp in Ireland at Straight Blast Gym is over, now it's from Crumlin to Times Square as Team readies for battle in New York.

Head coach John Kavanagh predicted over three years ago he'd have a fighter on a poster wearing a belt in the , but his prophecy manifested itself double as McGregor will attempt to earn two UFC titles against Eddie Alvarez in the lightweight division. A weight class that seems to be unanimously agreed upon as the ideal division for McGregor.

"He just seems a lot sharper, a lot faster. I don't feel like he's lost any power and he's gained a bit of speed," striking coach Owen Roddy said to Mac Life. "I just think this is the weight he should fight at, he should've always fought at and I think we're going to see the best Conor."

If the first round knockout McGregor pulled off against Ivan Buchinger to win his lightweight title is any indication, everything that Roddy just said is as true as Conor's sniper left. It's not just the way he performs at the weight, it's how much more efficient the training becomes as well.

"Normally [McGregor would] be working on a massive calorie deficit, now we don't have to do that," John Kavanagh said. "He's pretty much having as many calories as he needs in order to train. So, it was great to be able to do a session with such high intensity ten, eleven days out."

While McGregor currently has the power to knock out any fighter his weight and under not named , his team wants to remind us that there is a whole different half of the game. Marcelo Garcia black belt has once agained helped McGregor in preparations, a grappler Kavanagh admits is 'far more advanced' at Jiu-Jitsu than even himself. Roddy drives the point home that they're ready for where Alvarez believes he'll have the advantage.

"At the end of the day, people have still yet to see how good Conor is on the ground. He is a high level grappler. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. Alvarez, if he's a smart man, he's going to want to wrestle with Conor, but Conor has submissions there, Conor has all the tools," Roddy said. "Just the same, he has to get past those shots in order to get that clinch range. I always say Conor has 25 minutes to hit you once on the chin, those odds are [more] in his favor, than they are in your favor."

Could McGregor not only surprise everyone by winning two titles, but doing it via a submitting ? Either way, UFC at will be historic.

Watch the entire interview and see footage of one of McGregor's last training sessions below.


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