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Amy Kaplan

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor made a grand entrance today when he was late (again) to the pre fight press conference, but he made up for his tardiness by his attire.

And by "attire" I mean the white Gucci mink pimp coat he was wearing, with the tags still attached.

No, I'm not kidding.

He's known for his high end fashion tastes, but this one is a little much.

McGregor mentioned his precious mink coat about a trillion times on the dais, but is it really his? Does he plan on returning the coat after the presser? Don't you think Gucci will know he already wore it?

I mean, I can't blame him... he can't exactly wear the coat again can he?

Just for shits and giggles I checked to see how much this particular coat retails for. I couldn't find the EXACT coat (because if it's for McGregor it's probably custom) but I found one similar (but not mink) and it retails for .... drumroll please ...

We all know he can afford it... but then why the tag? Was that just a fashion accident? Is that why he was late? Was he waiting for the Gucci delivery van to bring the coat? Because without the coat he would have looked like a huge idiot.


Does he plan on returning the coat? What is the return policy on a coat that pretty much the entire planet has already seen him wearing?

What will his excuse be?

McGregor: I'd like to return this coat

Gucci: What's the reason?

McGregor: It restricts my arm movement and kept me from throwing a folding chair at a grown man.



I personally really hope keeps it and wears it during his walk out to the Octagon, and then returns it.

I wonder what the return policy is for coats with blood on them?


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