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The MMA gods have blessed us with one more presser before the giant card coming up and of course it was insane. No, I mean, like, absolutely freaking bonkers.

Last week, there was a conference call where Conor McGregor was in top form with his crazy statements and Eddie Alvarez started speaking presidential about the lightweight division. Turns out the media call just an hors d'oeuvre and this presser is the appetizer to get us starving before the big main course on Saturday.

Here are the top insane moments and quotes from from the pre-fight presser today (after he decided to show up).

"Where's your boy? Where's your boy? F-cking dead is where he is." - Eddie Alvarez

"Sorry I'm late, I just don't give a f-ck!" - Conor McGregor

Eddie Alvarez: I came here for an apology. I came back out and I want you to apologize.

Conor McGregor: Suck these big Irish balls. These big Irish balls all in your face.

  • "I run New York City. I'm a f-ckin' pimp!"
  • "Irish fans ran Edward off the stage before I got here."
  • "Eddie is damaged goods. He’s aged. He looks a bit gonked."
  • "Gucci Mink. This is what confidence looks like. This is what big Irish balls looks like."
  • "I gotta' custom Rolls-Royce. The second Rolls-Royce came today. Two Rolls. One for each belt."
  • "I looked in the mirror this morning and I said 'Damn, I'm better than I was last night!'"
  • "I predict I rearrange his whole face. Through all the talk and everything else, he can be hit too easily. It's happened through his whole career."

Watch the entire 205 press conference below.


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