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When you work in an online media culture that often demands SEO friendliness in a headline no matter the cost, I'd like to think of one like "Watch a Full Replay of Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz II" as something of a gift; a statement so beautifully pure that it almost restores some balance to the sea of misleading, clickbaity content that exists out there.

For starters, it sells itself. There isn't an MMA fan out there who wouldn't want to watch the now legendary welterweight rematch between and from UFC 202 another time if given the chance, which makes my job of tempting you into clicking on this article about as difficult as selling gloves to an Eskimo.

Secondly, it's also not deceptive. McGregor recently attributed his pair of bouts with Diaz to helping him "ch saw the featherweight champion emerge victorious via majority decision, via the UFC's Youtube channel. Aside from breaking the UFC's pay-per-view record, McGregor-Diaz II also happens to be a frontrunner for "Fight of the Year" with a mildly controversial decision, which again, makes it all the easier a sell to those of us who are consistently champing at the bit for some free fight content.You probably stopped reading this two paragraphs ago.

With a historic bout against lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at just a week away, McGregor recently attributed his pair of bouts with Diaz to helping him "grow as a fighter."

Should McGregor become the first simultaneous two-division champion next weekend, what would you like to see him do next?

(Hint: the answer is a stadium show at Croke Park.)


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