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Jason Nawara

There's no love lost between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor, but there's a ton of respect. The two men have spent over thirty minutes in the Octagon together. They've exchanged words, punches and blood. They may be eyeing each other for a trilogy fight in the near future, but for now — they party.

According to TMZ, and his brother Nick (who really needs to get back in the cage) crashed Conor McGregor's post-UFC 205 victory party. Here's them walking out of Marquee New York, the club that was serving $300-a-bottle champagne to McGregor after he decimated Eddie Alvarez.

We've gone from Dana White calling Nate Diaz someone who "doesn't move the needle" to the Diaz bros getting mobbed outside a club after a event in Madison Square Garden. These are special, weird times in MMA. That's the only way a longtime fan can put it.

Now the next question is whether Conor and Nate exchanged words in the club. Nate undoubtedly respects the superlative performance Conor put on in the cage Saturday night, so a congratulatory pat on the back isn't out of the question, but neither are double middle-fingers and a loud, "f*ck you."

(Via MMA Junkie)


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