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Jason Nawara

Like every fight, the energy was palpable as he walked out into Madison Square Garden. Was "Mystic Mac" about to do what no man has ever done in UFC history?


It was an absolutely incredible performance that will go down in history. Conor McGregor needs to be looked at as the GOAT now.

After the first few moments of feeling each other out, got flattened by Conor's legendary left hand. Conor was confident, calm, and composed. Almost immediately after that, Eddie got hit again hard by Conor's left. Finally, a third left dropped Eddie AGAIN.

Everything McGregor said leading up to the fight was coming true.

Eddie would try to shoot in for a desperate takedown, but Conor would push him away like he was nothing. Lightweight Conor was looking as powerful as a welterweight. Jaws were dropped in Philadelphia and around the world.

Conor's speed and fluidity were simply a thing of beauty.

Somehow, Eddie became the second man in UFC history to survive getting dropped three times in a round (Frankie Edgar being the first against Gray Maynard). As the second round opened, it was more of the same. McGregor's accuracy with his left hand is just incomprehensible. When he wants to touch you, he will touch you.

Alvarez would turn it up a notch until Conor released an three-hit combo that would send Eddie's eyes into the back of his head and his butt to the canvas.

Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Conor destroyed Eddie Alvarez.

Here's the view from the crowd:


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