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Justin Golightly

Everyone is talking about Conor McGregor making history on Saturday night and the fallout it presents.

One of the highlights of McGregor's masterful performance at was the moment when he placed his hands behind his back, seemingly taunting in the middle of a striking clinic.

The Gucci mink-wearing, braggadocio wears the outfit of a showman better than anyone else in the UFC, but it turns out his no-hands move wasn't just to clown his opponent.

"He damaged his index knuckle in the [Nate] Diaz fight and it kept getting jarred [in training]. It's one of those things that wouldn't cause us to pull out, but bothered him all the time," Coach Kavanagh said today on the MMA Hour. "But he found if he held his lead hand behind back it reminded him not to throw it as much. It was almost a mental note."

Now, the picture of McGregor "practicing" his now infamous Alvarez taunt on his friend Artem Lobov takes on a whole new context. McGregor himself previously talked about his busted hand before in the post-fight press conference when everyone mentioned his Roy Jones Jr. impression. Although, Anderson Silva was probably the first to come to mind.

"This [right hand] was out of action for the whole camp, that’s why I developed that putting the hand behind my back," McGregor said at the post-fight presser. "I would be doing it in sparring, then I’d jar it or hit it and it would be swelling up in the middle of the rounds. I just figured out ways to fight around it. To be honest, I was icing it up until today but it’s actually alright now. I’m brand new. There’s not a f-cking scratch on me.”

Once again, McGregor proves he is a man of many layers and that's not just referring to his Fall wardrobe. Sometimes we can infer our own meanings to things or feel we know the whole story when only seeing a small part of the larger picture, much like pre-fight McGregor is much different than post-fight.


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