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By now, we have all seen featherweight and lightweight champion 's record breaking win over former champion , or at least read about it all over the internet.

But, what most of us haven't seen or heard, is what went on between rounds from each fighter's corner.

Read the transcripts below, courtesy of Pundit Arena, to see how each fighter was coached, and then watch the fight again to see if they listened or not. (Spoiler alert: one of them did not listen).

Round 1 : McGregor's Corner

Owen Roddy: Be patient. Get him to throw, Conor. Get him to throw!

John Kavanagh: Patience, Conor…patience.

Roddy: Left hand, lead uppercut.

Kavanagh: Disengage!

Dillon Danis: Beautiful, Conor.

Kavanagh: Body as well.

Roddy: Left to the body. There you go. Beautiful!

Danis: Hips low, Conor.

Kavanagh: Watch that left leg, Conor. He’s coming up on a single leg, be ready to sprawl…Use your hips, Conor.

Danis: Control the leg to pass, Conor.

Kavanagh: Relax…relax.

Roddy: Left hook.

Danis: You are doing beautiful, Conor. Beautiful job.

Kavanagh: Teep!

Roddy: Jab, hook, hook. Jab, hook, hook.

Danis: He’s broken, Conor…He’s broken. Patience.

Roddy: Left straight is there.

Kavanagh: Left body kick!

Roddy: Left straight!

Round 1 : Alvarez's Corner

Mark Henry: Yeah! 73 on the knee. Yeah! 73 on the knee! 73 on the knee!

Almeida : Move the head. Move the head.

Henry: 73 on the knee! 73 on the knee! 73 on the knee! You’re too much in front. You’re in front too much! Change. Foot. Foot! That’s it. You’re too much in front!!

Almeida: Foot, foot, foot, foot, foot!

Henry: 73!

Almeida: Foot, foot, foot!

Henry: 73. 73. Eddie, 73.

Almeida: He’s going the wrong way. The other way!! Foot, foot, foot!

Henry: Eddie, 73!

Henry: 73!

[73 repeated multiple times by both corner men]

Henry: Eddie, chain! Chain, Eddie, chain! Chain. Chain

Almeida: Chain, chain, chain, chain! Chin down. Hands up, chin down. That’s not working, he’s got to mack it.

Henry: Stiff! Stiff! Mac!

Almeida: Mack, mack, mack, mack, mack!

Henry: Eddie, mack. Eddie, mack.

Almeida: Mack. Mack!

Almeida: Eddie, put him in the guard, put him in the guard. Use the cage. Use the cage. Get your knees inside, knees inside.

Almeida: The other way. 73!

Henry: Eddie, 73. 73. 73, now!.

Almeida: He keeps getting countered. Foot, foot, foot!

Henry: Eddie, on the count of two. On the count of two! Eddie, 73 now!

Almeida: 73!

Third voice: He’s not going to do it, you got to call something else.

Almeida: Foot, foot, foot!

Henry: Eddie, 73!

Almeida: Hands up! Follow up with a shot.

Henry: Eddie follow with a blow. Blow, Eddie, blow! 226! Eddie, 226. 226! 73. Eddie, 73!


Conor McGregor's corner

Kavanagh: Here you go. Bring the beats down. [To someone else in the corner] Ice please. [Back to McGregor] Nice deep breath. How do you feel?

Conor McGregor: I feel good

Kavanagh: Great shots. Keep the left hand on the counter. Don’t lean in with the left hand – he’s looking to counter with the big right hand, yeah? So pop that jab. The teeps to the body are great. You’re cutting him off. If you feel he’s circling into the left high kick, that’s there too. Okay? So let’s keep that left hand for the counter. Very nice. Nice deep breaths. That’s a warm-up round.

Referee John McCarthy: Great job, just make sure the fingers don’t go to his eyes but great job

Eddie Alvarez's corner

Almeida: Take the stool, take the stool. The stool!

Henry: I need you to stutter step before you go. Your speed is the same. Look at me son – I need you to get that shot on his punch. Make him punch and shoot. Be ready to shoot. I want the head outside of his damn right hip and take his butt down. Chain it. If you miss it, chain it. Listen. Look at me. I want you to think you’re gonna miss it. I want you to know you’re gonna miss the first shot. I want the second shot.

Almeida: Your kicks are working good. Listen, you need to mack it. He is throwing his left hand over your hand, you got to mack it.

Round 2 : Alvarez's Corner

Henry: Mack, Eddie, mack! Cam, Eddie, cam!

Almeida: It’s the only way he throws. If he doesn’t throw, he doesn’t counter, Eddie.

Henry: Eddie, 22 low. Low 22, hard! [Repeated by others]…Eddie, 73 kick. Please, Eddie. Chain, Eddie, chain! Chain, Eddie. Chain!

Almeida: 22. 22.

Henry: Eddie, do 26.

Almeida: He’s throwing over.

Henry: Again. Eddie, I need a second one. Eddie, chain. I need chains. Eddie, I need chains. Chain, Eddie, chain! And, and, and.

Almeida: Keep throwing that 20, Eddie – the 20.

Henry: Low 22. Low 22. 73! Eddie

Almeida: Repeats term 3 times. Hands up, hands up, hands up! 22. 22. 22, hard. 22.

Henry: Eddie 73!

Almeida: The cage!

Henry: Eddie, FC 73!

Almeida: Nice! Lock the hands, lock the hands. Bounce, bounce, bounce!

Henry: Bounce, Eddie, bounce!

Almeida: Head position. Head position! Eddie, we got to bump the head out.

Henry: Bounce, Eddie, bounce!

Almeida: Get the head outside. Head outside!

Third voice: Head position!

Almeida: Eddie work the head outside. Head outside! Foot, foot, foot, foot, foot! He just can’t…

Henry: Eddie move your feet!

Almeida: Move your feet, kid, your feet!

Henry: Straight, Eddie, straight.

Almeida: You got to move your feet.

Henry: You got to move your feet, Eddie. Don’t go outside again. Low 73, Eddie, please listen. Low 73.

[Fight Ends]

Round 2 : McGregor's Corner

Danis: He’s biting on the feints. You’ve felt his shots already. They’re nothing!

Roddy: Ohh!! Take your time.

Danis: Conor, he’s broken. Believe, Conor. Believe! You felt his best shots.

Roddy: Jab is there.

Danis: Stay calm, Conor.

Roddy: Jab is there as well.

Danis: He’s doing the same shot over and over.

Kavanagh: Chin. That’s it, wrist or chin. Beautiful.

Danis: Beautiful, Conor. Elbows, Conor. Keep that wrist. Beautiful positioning. Keep pulling that over-hook, he can’t shoot with that.

Kavanagh: Very nice, Conor. Humble now. Great wrist control.

Danis: You’ve been there a million times, Conor. A million times. He’s broken, Conor. He’s broken.

[John McCarthy stops the fight]

Kavanagh: YES! YES! YES! Two-time world champion.


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