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Amy Kaplan

It's not just UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor who can predict the future... his coach can too apparently.

John Kavanagh, the outspoken head coach of McGregor posted a photo on his Facebook more than three years ago with the caption, "Took this on Time Square. I will have a fighter on a poster here wearing a belt one day. Guaranteed."

But here it is, and in big screen!

It's ironic because in just a few weeks that's actually going to be happening. His star pupil (and arguably one of the most popular fighters to ever grace the UFC) is headlining the historic first ever MMA card at Madison Square Garden - and for a belt.

But not just any belt, McGregor will be fighting for the lightweight belt and if he wins will become the first UFC fighter to hold two titles in two divisions at the same time. (I bet he wasn't expecting that)

UFC 205 will take New York by storm November 12 for what the UFC hopes will be its biggest fight card to date.


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