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When you're running a giant organization like the , you have to prepare for all scenarios. When Conor McGregor is a part of those plans, then you better not be surprised when pigs fly and wave to you.

Time and time again, has proved the critics, betters and other fighters wrong all the way up to knocking out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds to become the UFC featherweight champion. Even after losing to Nate Diaz, he came back and defied the odds.

Now, we finally reach the point where McGregor will attempt to recreate his dual-title accomplishment from Cage Warriors and complete his journey.

And the UFC is prepping for this.

"You got two belts? That way we won't have to take photos next fight," McGregor supposedly said during a photography session. Or maybe it was a joke from whoever was running the Snapchat. Either way, you know the UFC is going to cover all the bases.

Just as McGregor boasted in the UFC press conference that he'd put one title one shoulder and another on the other, now we have photographs of him doing just that. But will he get to take both home with him after they cut off the lights in ?

Take a look at McGregor seeing how two UFC titles feel on his shoulders.

Behind the scenes pictures from the UFC Snapchat.
Behind the scenes pictures from the UFC Snapchat.


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