ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

Guaranteed title shots are usually not as guaranteed as they seem — that's one thing we can guarantee. But there's only so much armchair matchmaking one can do. With that said, getting a title shot off a Yoel Romero win at makes total sense.

Weidman hasn't fought since he lost the middleweight belt to at UFC 194, and after rehabbing from injuries, he's back in the mix. He does, after all, have only one loss. The one that tore the belt from his waste.

But one more win, against the extremely dangerous Yoel Romero, and Weidman can be looking at gold again.

That's easier said than done, and with Rockhold injured, Jacare looking for a fight, and Michael Bisping calling out Nick Diaz of all people, who really knows how this middleweight division will play out.

  • If Romero wins, who has a victory over Jacare, will he get the title shot? He was just suspended for failing a drug test.
  • What's going to happen if Rockhold can make it back?
  • Bisping wants a money fight, and so does the UFC. That means one thing...


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