ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

We saw Joanna Jedrzejczyk headbutt Karolina Kowalkiewicz at the pre-fight presser, but what we didn't see was the two Polish powerhouses going back and forth well after the presser to the garage, where Joanna Champion had to be restrained by her coaches and pushed away from Kowalkiewicz.

We know Joanna is a hothead in the best way possible, but Karolina, her Polish countrymen, has seriously gotten under her skin. Joanna has called her a "fake person" and clearly has no patience whatsoever for Karolina, but one has to wonder if Joanna is going too far. Is she adrenalin dumping? Is she getting too emotional before the fight?

Take a look at this footage from the latest UFC: Embedded, which was pretty much full of stuff we've covered up until this contentious moment:

So what happens next here? Will Joanna try to punish Karolina or will she stick to her game-plan and let the punishment come naturally? We've seen fighters, and champions, full of confidence come out to put on a show. To punish their opponents. Many of those fighters we've seen pay dearly.

Could Joanna Champion be next? Or is she putting on a show for PPV buys?


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