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Two women who are the future of the collided inside the Octagon at .

Based on their performances, the future of women's fighting is strong.

Although she received a scare in the 4th round, won a unanimous decision over to successfully defend her UFC strawweight championship. All three judges scored the fight 49-46 for Jedrzejcyzk.

"I wasn't hurt very badly," Jedrzejcyzk said after the fight. "You never expect the knockdown. It was just for a piece of second. I felt great.

Jedrzejcyzk called for a rematch possibly in Poland. "Polish girls are the toughest, probably in the world," she said.

Kowalkiewicz also called for a rematch in Poland.

"She's the best in the world," Kowalkiewicz said. "It was a very hard fight. But, I am very proud because I gave a very good fight and maybe next time we can fight in Poland."

Jedrzejczyk controlled the fight early with her precise strikes and leg kicks. Kowalkiewicz slowed Jedrzejczyk a bit with her southpaw stance, but Jedrzejczyk moved well and landed more punches.

Kowalkiewicz rocked Jedrzejczyk with a stunning right hand to start Round 4, sending the champion flying backwards. Jedrzejczyk showed the heart of a champion, however, fighting back, even though she was clearly rocked.

Kowalkiewicz pushed the action, trying to achieve the finish, but Jedrzejczyk weathered the storm, and even landed some combinations to end the round.

Jedrzejczyk's movement controlled Round 2 with leg strikes and kicks. Kowalkiewicz kept coming forward, grabbing her and pushing Jedrzejczyk against the cage. Although Jedrzejczyk controlled the fight with her activity, she wasn't able to land enough power punches to put Kowalkiewicz in any real danger. Toward the end of the round, Jedrzejczyk connected with a wicked right elbow to Kowalkiewicz's jaw.

The two women fought with urgency in the final round, knowing that the fight was on the line. When the bout was over, Jedrzejczyk's right eye was nearly swollen shut.

Although Jedrzejczyk was confident in victory after the fight, her face told a different story. She was put to the test like never before, and Kowalkiewicz emerged as a new star of MMA.


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