ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

We know that UFC 205 broke just about every record (except the PPV buys record), and records are meant to be broken. But, there's one insane metric that the UFC probably won't be able to top anytime soon.

had an astronomical 14 BILLION social media impressions. Billion. With a "B" (I know you're reading this but it must be emphasized).

Now, social "impressions" include, likes, retweets, shares, responses all pertaining to the biggest show in UFC... Nay, history. We've entered the big time, people. It feels good.

As Colin Herd and his compatriot Kristine Leahy point out — the Super Bowl only had 4.3 billion social media impressions. The Super Bowl! Granted, UFC 205 featured , who had an entire country awake and watching his fight, along with the United States, whereas the Super Bowl is very much just a thing in North America, but holy crap.

Granted, Herd makes a low-blow on the for no discernible reason, but he has a point in the sense that the mainstream media has been sleeping on MMA for years. It took and Conor McGregor to wake them up, and now we're here: in a new golden age of MMA.

Come on in, world. The water's warm.


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