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Josh Molina

Stefan Struve used his submission skills, not his knockout power, to put away with Daniel Omielanczuk at UFC 204 Saturday night.

Rather than trade punches with the burly heavyweight, Struve chose to wrestle him, using takedowns in the first and second rounds to control the fight.

The end came at 1:41 of the second round, when Struve submitted Omielanczuk with a D'arce choke.

Struve said Omielanczuk was strong, further detailing the final moments, "I smelled that submission."

"He was tough. He was strong. He had never been finished until now," the Dutchman said.

Struve said he wants to fight Stipe Miocic, the current UFC heavyweight champion, a man he already holds a knockout victory over.

Struve tried to start the fight with kicks and punches, but Omielanczuk hung with him, swinging haymakers back at him. "Skyscraper" took Omielanczuk down with a leg trip and used his long, 6' 11" body to cover and tangle up Omielanczuk.

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