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Michael Bisping defeated Dan Henderson at UFC 204 on Saturday, October 8.

Bisping retained his middleweight belt via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46) to break the record for most UFC wins.

This was a fight seven years in the making when middleweight champion, Michael Bisping looked to avenge a highlight reel knockout Dan Henderson scored over him at UFC 100. He has finally avenged that loss.

The first round began with hesitation from both fighters, neither wanting to make the first move. It was Bisping who finally engaged first, throwing multiple left jabs and combinations, pushing Henderson back. The challenger remained patient, letting the champ call the shots and control the cage. Then Henderson caught Bisping with a big right and "The Count" dropped to the ground in a heap. Henderson pounced on him, landing multiple shots, but Bisping was able to recover and get back to his feet, bloody, but through the first round.

The second had Bisping wanting to scrap with Henderson; landing jabs, combos and kicks to the face and body of the 46-year-old Californian. He continued the punishment with a vicious knee to stun "Hendo," who recovered in an instant, landing another H-bomb that dropped the champ. Bisping was able to hold Hendo in his closed guard, curbing the inevitable ground and pound to end round two.

Round three had Bisping hungry for a knockout, but the first half of the round went much like the other two - Bisping in control, Henderson answering back. It became obvious at the end of round three that Henderson was gassing out, and Bisping capitalized on it by being aggressive on the attack. The pair outlasted another round and entered into the championship rounds.

The top of the fourth saw both fighters slowing the pace, with Bisping maintaining control of the cage again. He landed a flying head kick that should have done the trick, but Henderson hung on, and the round continued. After a small timeout due to a groin strike to Henderson, the round continued. Henderson landed a quick knee to end the fourth round.

A flurry of sloppy strikes from both men started the final round, with Henderson appearing to have a sudden burst of life. This time, he controlled the cage, for perhaps the first time in the fight. Bisping got back control by outmaneuvering the rapidly fading Henderson. The champion slipped on the ma, allowing Henderson to get top position, but he couldn't hold the Brit down, and the fight went back to the feet again. Bisping was able to stuff a takedown in the last 30 seconds, and ended the round on top of Henderson after he attempted a front-roll kick.

This was enough for the judges to award Bisping with the win.

Henderson said that this was to be his last fight, and confirmed that in his post fight interview.

"This is the last time anyone will see me fight live," said Henderson. "I appreciate your support through the years."


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