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They call Vitor Belfort "The Phenom," but that name might be more appropriate for Gegard Mousasi.

Mousasi tactically destroyed Belfort Saturday night at UFC 204, eventually finishing him with strikes at 2:43 of the second round.

Mousasi, the former Strikeforce and DREAM champion, used his superior boxing and kicking to stay one step ahead of Belfort. Mousasi pushed the action, coming forward the entire fight.

The end came when the "Dreamcatcher" connected with a vicious right leg kick to the head that wobbled Belfort. Mousasi, like a snake on the attack, assaulted Belfort with several punches. Belfort tried to stay up, but eventually collapsed.

Mousasi jumped on him and hammered him with fists and elbows. When Belfort turned and gave up his back, Mousasi tried to choke him out, but the Brazilian legend defended. However, he couldn't stop Mousasi's barrage of punches. He eventually stopped defending himself, and the referee stopped the fight.

Mousasi thanked Belfort for fighting him.

"He's a legend," Mousasi said. "Fighting him is an honor."

Gegard said he wants to fight a top contender or Anderson Silva next.

Belfort's only offense came in the first round, when he connected with a straight left hand to Mousasi's face. Mousasi seemed hurt, but he fought back, shaking a finger in front of Belfort to indicate that he wasn't going anywhere.

Mousasi, one of the sport's most technically skilled fighters, was aggressive throughout the fight, looking for the finish. Belfort, while fast, couldn't mount much of an offense.

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