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Before the bottle-throwing, before a triumphant comeback, before the emergence of the champ champ, Conor McGregor got a bloody lesson from the Stockton school of hard knocks. McGregor's first attempt at a superfight for the lightweight championship abruptly ended due to Rafael dos Anjos' 'bruised foot,' leaving with a giant, money-shaped hole. Enter Nate Diaz: Not the hero we deserved, but the one that we needed. A year ago today, Diaz strangled UFC's golden goose and shocked the world.

When you lose the first round, but was only going 20%.
When you lose the first round, but was only going 20%.

Imagine the MMA universe if this would have never happened: The term 'touch butt' would never exist, one of the best fueds in UFC history would fall victim to a premature end, and who knows how far would have gotten without learning valuable lessons in ninja sh-t from . After all, he built an entire new wing of his business enterprise in preparing for the rematch at .

Every Spider-Man must have his Venom, every Batman needs a Joker, and McGregor wouldn't be the same without Diaz. They've already been at war for hundreds of years in an alternate timeline, and they're probably destined to fight forever. With 's reliability questioned now more than ever, Diaz is once again back at the top of the list for McGregor's lightweight title defense and none of us are surprised.


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