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Pacing around the Octagon muttering curses, his face red and swollen like an alien head, Nick Diaz yelled Georges St-Pierre's name after he beat BJ Penn into his first retirement. On March 16th 2013, he finally got what he screamed at the universe to give him for years. Regardless of what happened during the actual fight, the build-up to Diaz and St-Pierre's encounter at UFC 158 was one of the best in MMA history.

In a way, the road to the fight might have been even better than the fight itself. Actually, it was better. If you ask anyone about the fight, they wont talk St-Pierre's suffocating grappling, they'll talk about how asked him if he watched if any of his friends get shot. They'll quote St-Pierre calling Diaz an 'uneducated fool' in their best (or worst) French accent. Thanks to the incredible juxtaposition of their personalities, Diaz and St-Pierre gifted the sport unparalleled entertainment and added a richness to fight culture.

Edit by Justin Golightly / Words by Jonathon Snowden / Photo by USA Today
Edit by Justin Golightly / Words by Jonathon Snowden / Photo by USA Today

Up until these moments, we never saw this side of St-Pierre. Not only did Diaz expose an entire facet of the polite and composed welterweight champion, but Diaz opened up about his life during the boiling point of his career. If there was an MMA time capsule to be buried for future generations, the conference call would have to be included for biographical purposes.


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