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Amy Kaplan

The feud between welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and lightweight champion Conor McGregor began just shortly before their separate bouts at UFC 205, but it looks like Woodley isn't done talking about the very first two-division champ. In fact, he doesn't think his potential fight with McGregor will ever happen if Mystic Mac fights Floyd Mayweather.

"I can't see Conor McGregor fighting MMA again if he actually makes a flight with Floyd," he said to TMZ.

McGregor has already voiced his desire to take some time off from fighting - but then late Wednesday night, news broke that McGregor had been issued a boxing license in the state of California adding fuel to the rumors of a superfight with Floyd Mayweather.

So maybe this break is going to be shorter than we thought?

He said that any fighter would want the potential income that could come from a fight of that nature.

"I respect Conor for what he's done for the sport," he said. "I do think this is him showing, not just the UFC, but the fans that he's serious about the potential match between he and Mayweather."

And while he doesn't blame him for jumping ship to try boxing, he also doesn't see him returning.

What fight would you rather see? A boxing superfight with Mayweather or another title shot for McGregor in a third weight division?


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