ByKel Dansby, writer at
Kel Dansby

The Broken Hardyz are arguably the most popular characters in pro wrestling today. They are easily the hottest free agents and it seems like it's now a matter of when, not if, they will re-sign with the WWE.

Both the WWE and the Hardyz are aware of the rumblings and they are playing it up on Twitter. The WWE slipped in a clever "BROKEN" reference into their highlight tweet of the Hardy Boyz' WrestleMania 25th Anniversary match.

Broken Matt Hardy hyped up the situation by responding to the WWE.

Twitter marks had a field day with the tweet.

If the Hardyz do return to the WWE, there's no better time to debut than WrestleMania weekend. Whether they are a surprise at the event itself or plugged in at the Raw after Mania show, they'll make a huge impact in how this year's event will be remembered.


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