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Jason Nawara

Joanne Calderwood has pound for pound the best voice in MMA. It sounds like she could be the voice actor behind an animated Scottish teddy bear that puts all of her enemies in a Muay Thai clinch until their faces are bashed in without mercy. It's for this reason that we'll allow Jo Jo to bring us on any tour of any facility — she's just so damn endearing. It's icing on the cake that this tour happens to be of the Tristar Gym, home to Myles Jury, Rory MacDonald, GSP, and many others.

What Firas Zahabi has built in Montreal is truly incredible. As you'll see, the fighters have dorms, a space to relax, workout rooms and a state-of-the-art gym with a full-size cage to train in. No wonder this team does so well.

It seems as if Georges St-Pierre has been dam ngood to Tristar over the years, gifting them not only the cage but an additional walled-in area so fighters can train what it'll feel like to be in live action.

The best part of Tristar, however, is probably Jo Jo.


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