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Saturday Night Live couldn't have booked a bigger star for its Season 42 finale than Dwayne Johnson. Between being the world's highest-paid actor and constant talk of a possible presidential bid, the superstar is pretty much the king of pop culture right now, and he brought his A-game to New York City on Saturday night.

The finale turned into a star-studded summer sendoff for the NBC series, as several big names stopped by to give The Rock a hand during his fifth SNL hosting gig. Although, the wrestler-turned-actor didn't need too much help bringing the laughs, as he's proven himself to be one of the funniest action movie stars in Hollywood today.

Check out five top moments from The Rock's SNL finale episode below.

1. Johnson-Hanks 2020

The Rock seems to be all in on the idea of become the next WWE alum sit in the White House's Oval Office.

"Tonight I want to put this to rest and say once and for all: I'm in. Starting tonight I am running for the President of the United States."

During the night's opening monologue, the Baywatch and Fast and Furious actor got the crowd going by saying he's down for running for president, and he wants a fellow SNL five-timer to be his running mate: Tom Hanks. Unfortunately, Five Time Club member and presidential impersonation expert Alec Baldwin was a bit bummed by the news, as he wanted that role, but we guess there's already enough Donald Trumps in office.

2. WWE Promo Shoot

It wouldn't be right unless The Rock got a chance to show off his WWE side. The actor and wrestler gets personal with outgoing SNL comedian Bobby Moynihan in this hilarious promo shoot sketch. Leave it to The Rock to find new ways to get under his opponent's skin.

3. The Rock Goes Superhero

He's been the Scorpion King, now The Rock is Scorpio, the fashionable hero this city needs right now. While we're still waiting to see what he'll look like as in the DC Comics movie universe, fans got a taste of The Rock in superhero duds in this sketch parodying pop culture's current obsession with super-powered heroes. Although Scorpio has amazing mutant moves, his real talent is his eye for fine needle work and clothing designs, making him the best-dressed vigilante in town.

4. The Rock Is One Evil Scientist

We got some unexpected dark humor from The Rock during a skit featuring a meeting of the world's most evil scientists. The WWE star's character easily took the crown as the most villainous inventor in the room, as he develops a robot that definitely shouldn't be left around kids.

5. Fart Jokes Make The Rock Laugh

The best moments are usually when skits go awry as the actors laugh uncontrollably over some absurd line or an unexpected mistake. That nearly happened during the RKO Movie Set sketch, where The Rock plays an old-school film actor stuck in a scene with a movie star who can't stop herself from farting.

The noise effects got a few chuckles out of The Rock and Vanessa Bayer, especially when the sound guy accidentally used a baby's cry. For the most part, though, they were able to keep it together and finish the sketch.

Which of these segments was your favorite?


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