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As super fans like Ronda Rousey certainly know, there have been a ton of epic fights during the Dragon Ball franchise's decades-long run on TV.

In particular, the popular Dragon Ball Z series was a treasure trove of incredible anime battles and beatdowns, all thanks to the likes of Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the gang. It's going to be hard for the new Dragon Ball Super series to top its predecessor.

Since there are so many amazing DBZ fights to choose from, narrowing down the fan-favorite show's greatest match-ups of all time will be tough, but we'll do our best.

Check out our list of the top five fights in Dragon Ball Z history.

5. Goku vs. Kid Buu

In the final saga of the Majin Buu story arc, Goku and the gang faced their biggest test yet in the villainous Kid Buu.

Thanks to his incredible strength and regeneration ability, the diabolical pink menace proved to be one of the most difficult opponents to defeat, especially after he blew up the Earth, killing nearly all of the DBZ heroes. The power of the Dragon Balls eventually restored the planet and all of its inhabitants, and it would take their combined might to vanquish Kid Buu.

While Goku's various Super Saiyan forms initially weren't enough to stop the villain, he was finally able to kill Kid Buu with a Spirit Bomb attack, using energy drawn from every person on Earth to deliver the death blow.

4. Future Trunks vs. Mecha Frieza and King Cold

The DBZ crew was obviously spooked when a mechanically resurrected Frieza and his father King Cold decided to travel to Earth to exact their revenge. However, their trip turned out to be shorter than expected.

In one of the most badass introductions in the series' history, Vegeta's son Trunks arrives from the future to slay the alien villains. Sporting a razor sharp sword and the famed blonde locks of a Super Saiyan, Future Trunks barely breaks a sweat as he decimates the father-son duo.

Although the battle was pretty quick, it also showed just how powerful the older version of Vegeta's son truly is.

3. Goku vs. Vegeta

Before they became friendly rivals and allies, Goku and Vegeta were bitter enemies vying for Saiyan supremacy. Their first major battle was quite the spectacle, as both fighters gave it everything they had, using their trademark moves to fight to a veritable draw.

Although it looked like Goku's Kamehameha attack would spell the end for Vegeta, the snarky anti-hero somehow survived the blast, only to receive another beating at the hands of Gohan in his Great Ape form. Meanwhile, Goku was left virtually paralyzed following his all-out brawl, so neither fighter could claim a true victory.

While Goku and Vegeta would clash again in later episodes, their first battle was definitely their most exciting match-up.

2. Goku vs. Frieza

Frieza, DBZ's first true super villain, was an imposing figure early on in the series who delighted in making things as painful as possible for Goku and his friends.

The fearsome prince of the Galactic Frieza Army wreaked havoc on Piccolo's home world of Namek, but the death and destruction only helped to intensify Goku's power. Going up against Freiza ended up pushing the hero to a new level, as he's able to turn into a Super Saiyan for the first time during the bout.

While Goku tried to walk away once he figured out he was too powerful for Freiza, the villain wasn't having it and attempts to kill the Saiyan with a final energy attack. Goku, of course, redirects the blast at Freiza, seemingly killing him in the process.

1. Gohan vs. Cell

Goku may be the main hero of DBZ, but his powerful son Gohan takes the top prize for his epic showdown with Cell in the final battle of the Androids-Cell story arc.

So many of the show's stars tried to defeat the constantly evolving villain, and even Goku couldn't stop the green menace. However, the young Gohan proved to be one of the right Super Saiyan for the job.

Despite being broken and bruised, the rage-fueled Gohan unleashed his full fury in the final sequence of his fight with Cell, defeating the creature with a powerful Kamehameha blast. Without a doubt, Gohan's intense battle with Cell will go down as the best fight in DBZ history.


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