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Daniel Jeffery Henderson. Better known as Dan Henderson, or simply "Hendo."

The man is basically MMA's Paul Bunyan. He is a mythological figure; a man among men and a living legend in the sport. His resume is unbelievable and the breadth of it is something to behold. Despite being one of the oldest guys in the sport, he still manages to be able to win the fight on a moment's notice, mainly due to his meteor right hand.

Ahead of the UFC 204 fight with Michael Bisping, take a look back at some of the best moments of his storied career.

5. An Epic War With Shogun Rua

These Pride veterans would finally cross paths in the UFC, and all the hardcore fans knew it was a dream match-up, even if the two were a little older.

The fight between Henderson and MaurĂ­cio "Shogun" Rua was nuts. There were multiple points when each guy could have ended the fight, but the war continued on, and on through all five rounds. Eventually, Henderson would win the hard-fought decision. Three years later, at UFC Fight Night 38, Henderson would fight Rua again and win by TKO.

Not only was this awarded Fight of the Night, but multiple outlets awarded it 2011's Fight of the Year.

4. The Back Elbow From Hell

Hector Lombard might as well have been in an Avengers movie fighting The Incredible Hulk.

In addition to being a highly accomplished Judo champion, Lombard has the body of a comic book super hero. Henderson barely made it out of the first round during the blitz of violence, but Herb Dean let him recover.

In the second round, Henderson landed a head kick and a crazy, rarely seen back elbow to knock out Lombard in a big upset.

3. The Most Famous KO in the UFC

At the one of the biggest fight cards of all time, Henderson scored the most iconic knockout in UFC history.

Everyone knows that Henderson has the most dangerous right hand of any 46-year-old on the entire planet. However, that doesn't stop fighters from still getting hit by it. That night at UFC 100, Michael Bisping circled into the danger zone and Hendo (38 at the time) dropped his H-Bomb.

That knockout would follow both men throughout their careers. Henderson even has the silhouette of the knockout as his logo. Henderson will try to drop Bisping again at UFC 204.

2. Winning the Pride Middleweight Championship

There is very little guess work involved for the best moments of Henderson's career. He spoke with directly about the moments he was most proud of. His fight with Wanderlei Silva was on that list.

After already being the reigning Pride Welterweight Champion, Henderson would move up in weight to fight against Wanderlei Silva. Silva had already beaten Henderson at Pride 12, but Pride 33 was a different story.

These two wrecking balls rained down haymakers on each other until Silva finally fell. Henderson would follow up with the same late falling elbow he nailed Bisping with. The celebration was incredible. Henderson now held two Pride belts at the same time.

1. Knocking Out The Last Emperor

Big surprise, Henderson went to Heavyweight for the first time in his career to fight the legend, Fedor Emelianenko.

While Fedor was arguably on a decline, he was still incredibly dangerous for an undersized Henderson, and could end the fight at anytime. Once again, Henderson was in real danger, but somehow recovered and become the first person to ever knock out Fedor.

Henderson beat one of the greatest fighters of all time less than a year after winning the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight championship.

Next month, at UFC 204, Henderson will attempt to become the most decorated MMA fighter of all time when he tries to snag the one thing that has eluded him throughout his career, the UFC Middleweight title.


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