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Justin Golightly

Tony Ferguson knows he won't be fighting Conor McGregor anytime soon, at least not until August or September, but he doesn't care. Instead of fighting the guy everyone wants to fight, he wants to the fight the guy nobody wants to fight.

After taking Rafael dos Anjos to the limits of Snap Down City, Ferguson stayed ninja quiet, but this week unleashed an onslaught on the MMA Hour and has been asking for a fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov ever since.

Nothing is official yet, but whether it is on or not, these two are going at each other on Twitter like they could fight tomorrow.

The war or words have started. Contract this, contract that, I was ready then, you pulled out last time. The bout agreements could even already be signed by the way these fighters are publicly arguing. In the land of MMA, you can't believe anything that anyone is saying, but is sure is damn fun to listen to them say it.

Clearly, the vibe has changed. No more pictures, no more being gentlemen or a mutual combatant camaraderie, now respect can only be earned by finally finding out who is the better fighter.

So, while is away, the Boogeyman will play. A fight with is rumored for a March timeline which potentially sets it up at . Put any Diaz on that card and print money.

...People want to see how many fighters Nurmagomedov can do this to.


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