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Justin Golightly

Since being suspended from the UFC, Tom Lawlor has decided pull a Matt Riddle and take over the world of pro wrestling. Don't it twisted though, he's still a super dangerous dude. He recently took on world champion Fabio Prado in a submission grappling match at Onnit Invitational 4. Of course, being one of the kings of the walk-out, he had to pay tribute to a grappling legend while he did it.

Ol' "Filthy" Tom expertly made his entrance doing a perfect Royce Gracie impression. He wore a gi and did the high steps and everything. Tom Lawlor wasn't all jokes though, when it came to the mat he was dead serious. He locked on a neck crank within five minutes — or Cash Cow Catcher as he called it — to submit Prado in impressive fashion. If anything, this proves that wherever Lawlor is and whatever he's doing, you should be watching.


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