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Former UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw has been itching for a rematch with current champion Dominick Cruz for a while, and even went so far as offering Cruz a $100,000 bet. Somehow, Cruz ended up being paired with rising star and #5 ranked Cody Garbrandt while the #1 ranked Dillashaw ended up being aligned with the #2 ranked bantamweight, John Lineker.

"I think he's going to try to avoid me as long as possible," Dillashaw said. "I think he wants to retire before fighting me again."

Dillashaw and Cruz faced off at UFC Fight Night 81 where Cruz peeled the title off of Dillashaw with a hotly contested split decision. Dillashaw thought he won, and claims that Cruz thought so too.

"He knows I won the fight," Dillashaw said. "It's easy for him to ignore that, after the bell, [he said] 'congrats you won that fight,' but then the announcement comes and he's the best in the world."

said that unless the fans and media are talking about and asking for the fight, it might never happen.

Which is probably true.

Take a look at the Conor McGregor/Nate Diaz matchup, or even the fact that Cody Garbrandt, who debuted in the UFC just a year ago, is already getting the coveted title shot.

Do you think Dillashaw deserves the next title shot, no matter who wins on Friday?


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