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Unless you're name is Conor McGregor, fighters jump through a lot of hoops to try and call the shots they want.

Some fighters may test the censors in a post-fight interview, and others may just ridicule their desired opponent, hoping the UFC takes notice. T.J. Dillashaw is not one of those guys, and has said he never will be.

With that being said, Dillashaw decided he would find another path to a rematch with Dominick Cruz.

The former UFC Bantamweight champion took to Instagram to officially give Cruz a hundred thousand reasons to fight him. He bet Cruz $100k that he would beat him the next time, and wanted Cruz to put his money where with his mouth is. If Dillashaw wins, he gets the title and Cruz has to match his belt; if Cruz wins, Dillashaw lost for free.

This may be a monetary catalyst in order to convince Cruz to pick him instead off a rumored title defense against Cody Garbrandt. As far as that match-up goes, Dillashaw says it "just doesn’t make sense."

"It shouldn’t happen, that’s for sure," Dillashaw said on Inside MMA. "He beats the No. 11 ranked fighter and then gets the title fight. How does that make sense when I’m ranked Number 1? I walked through Number 2. How does he leapfrog me to get a title shot?"

Watch the official wager by Dillashaw below.


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