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As has become almost the standard reaction to Bellator main events, there were a lot of fans, fighters, and media members alike crying foul in the moments following Tito Ortiz's submission win over Chael Sonnen at last weekend.

Oddly enough, the controversy seemed not to stem from the fact that Ortiz clearly held onto the choke for a couple seconds after Sonnen tapped – a violation that he will not be punished for, by the way – but that the choke itself was not properly secured enough to elicit and tap, and therefore, the fight must have been fixed.

So even though we've already received Sonnen's word that the choke was legit, it seems that some of the more conspiracy-minded of us out there remain unconvinced. And to those people, Ortiz says "Don't be so dumb."

While answering questions during a Facebook Live Q&A, "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" vehemently denied the claims that he and Sonnen might have worked together to choreograph the fight's ending, saying "All these people are saying it was a fixed fight, those are the ones that are just fucking haters."

Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on here, we can all probably agree that a legend of the sport being forced to spend the very first days of his (official) retirement defending mostly baseless fight-fixing claims is something of an injustice to his career, especially given the movie-esque way in which he ended things at Bellator 170.

Then again, maybe a grappling match with Jon Jones is the only way for Tito to silence his "haters" once and for all.


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