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Just like an infinity scarf, Ronda Rousey has come full circle.

Before she disappeared from the public spotlight, she appeared on the Ellen Show first. Now, Rousey waltzed back into our lives yesterday by sitting down with Ellen for show-and-tell. She let the world know that her UFC bantamweight title bout with Amanda Nunes at will be 'one of her last fights', but also shared her new project: a quilt.

Well, it's not exactly a quilt—and it's not a scarf—Rousey affectionately referred to her creation as a "blankarf." This combination of a blanket and a scarf, that she knitted while admittedly drinking with actress Kat Dennings in their "Yarn and the Restless" club, tells a bigger story.

It's a permanent mood ring of her experiences during her hiatus from the sport. It documents Rousey's story while outside of the UFC, one that we can dissect and examine like a tree's rings. But it also tells us that the story isn't over yet, because the piece is unfinished.

Here at we're diving into Rousey's "blankarf" timeline, and seeing how it all lines up.

Blankarf recreated by Justin Golightly.
Blankarf recreated by Justin Golightly.


What will be Ronda Rousey's next knitting section?


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