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Dana White's now infamous statement about fighting being "in our DNA" might get a lot of flack from certain sectors of the MMA community for being hyperbolic, but it's hard to think of two people it applies more truthfully to than Nick and Nate Diaz. Whether it's in the cage, the boxing ring, on the jiu-jitsu mats, or in the lobby of a Vegas casino, fighting is something that just seems to be ingrained in their cores. In fact, legend has it that when the doctor went to slap a newborn , he countered with an armbar and a of his own, then flipped off the attending nurse.

Now, thanks to the power of the Internet, we have access to the kind of rarely seen videos that prove just how long the Diaz's have been taking on all comers.

Example A: This footage of Nick Diaz competing in a bare knuckle fight.

Yep, that set of pixels in the black trunks is none other than a young Nick Diaz, going toe-to-toe with a different set of pixels in blue trunks in an early Vale Tudo match.

That's literally all the information that currently exists about this fight, but all you need to know is that Diaz whoops all kinds of ass in it. Seriously, just listen to the sound of that Stockton Slap he lands from the bottom at the 2:38 mark. Absolutely humiliating, as is the fact that Nick still does not have a fight booked. Someone just pay the man already!

Bonus Video: Nate Diaz's Unsanctioned Fight

This was in 2002. was just 17, and already kicking the crap out of men twice his age. It just goes to show that there are no easy rights of passage in the 209.


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