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Three cars were set on fire by an unidentified arsonist in the driveway of UFC featherweight Anthony Pettis.

Luckily, a neighbor saw a car speed off and noticed the flames from across the street which prompted him to call the police.

"I saw a car speeding through the neighborhood, right around the same time as that happened, there was kind of a large bang," said Carson Blaszak to Fox 6 News. "It was three cars caught on fire. I just, I ran outside, and I was hoping, you know, the house hopefully wasn't gonna catch on fire."

The aftermath outside of Anthony Pettis' residence from Fox 6 News.
The aftermath outside of Anthony Pettis' residence from Fox 6 News.

"As [Carson Blaszak's] screaming that the house is on fire. Of course, you jump outta' bed and you can't believe your eyes to see what you're, you know, that it's real," said Bunny Blaszak, who also witnessed the fire.

She went on to say that Pettis is "very friendly" and that she always sees him out on his runs.

While this is an ongoing investigation, the cause or the culprit are still unknown.

Pettis was recently on vacation in Thailand. No word yet if he or someone else was in his house at the time, or if he was still enjoying time off before his fight with at .


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