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Senior Editor Of Champions @AndreasHale
Andreas Hale

Was this a UFC fight or a dance battle? Either way, Cody Garbrandt won both of them.

"No Love" put together a masterful performance against pound for pound dynamo and sworn rival to become the new UFC bantamweight champion. The hard hitting Garbrandt's boxing kept Cruz mystified throughout their encounter. But then there was the impromptu dance battle that manifested itself between punches.

With all the showmanship between the two over the course of five rounds, somehow managed to prove that he was the better dancer and showcase some sick moves on the Octagon canvas.

We're not quite sure what to call this move. But it certainly looks like he incorporated the Running Man into his repertoire.

If there was a world title for best dancer in a fight, Garbrandt would have won that too.

And if it all looks familiar, that's because we saw something similar in Zoolander.


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