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Gareth Cavanagh

Combat sports news has been totally dominated by a huge spectacle fight recently. It has been a big presence in the media for some time, but became more prevalent in the run-up to the announcement this week. versus has been labelled a 'circus' by detractors. However, one thing is for sure, it is the biggest money fight of all time.

The WBC, a historic boxing commission, have revealed their thoughts on the bout and it is not what you expect. The are fully behind the superfight. Speaking to Boxing News Online, WBC head honcho Mauricio Sulaiman stated that it is good for boxing. He had this to say about how the sport benefits: "Mayweather-McGregor will bring a lot of eyes on to boxing, which will carry on to September 16".

Not only that, they will supply a belt. The strap will be a trophy of sorts without any relation to the rankings. "When we do commemorative trophies, art work, it's to bring a special added value."

If a boxing governing body accepts this bout, surely it is time for combat sports fans to support it too. Whether they are for or against it, everybody will tune into this historic event.


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