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Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero were the saving light in a tumultuous 2016 for TNA.

The company struggled amidst ownership insecurity, talent leaving for other promotions and an unstable production deal. In the end, TNA stabilized under new owners Anthem Sports and in large part due to the "Final Deletion" program created by the Hardys.

Matt Hardy's transformation into Broken Matt Hardy is one of the best character redesigns in pro wrestling history.

Matt Hardy / Instagram
Matt Hardy / Instagram

That is why it's shocking to hear that the Hardys are possibly walking away from TNA in favor of more favorable contracts.

"Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy will NOT be signing new deals with Impact Wrestling, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet. "and it’s because they felt disrespected during contract talks."

The Hardys have turned their famed "Deletion" feud into a successful tag team run as of late and their tag work is at it's most popular since their days in the WWE.

Pro Wrestling Sheet also shared some details on how and when the deal with TNA went wrong for the Hardys.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us the Hardy Boyz agreed to terms on a new deal back in December, but needed a few minor changes, and were simply waiting for the finalized offer.

We’re told the deal was supposed to be for 1-year in length. Weeks and weeks passed, with Matt constantly checking in, but they were consistently given the run around.

The Hardys are currently promoting their Ring of Honor match against the Young Bucks at Supercard of Honor XI during WrestleMania weekend. It'll mark their first foray in Ring of Honor.

That is probably why they felt slapped in the face when TNA reportedly dared them to sign elsewhere.

"Eventually Matt and Jeff’s lawyer told Impact Wrestling officials that they wanted a creative control clause in their new deals … which was shot down immediately. One source says their lawyer told Ed Nordholm there was interest from other companies."

It'd surprise no one to see WWE knock on the Hardys' door. The Smackdown tag team division is struggling and a reallocation of talent would help both brand's tag team divisions. TNA must be thinking along the same lines, because they responded to the Hardys' lawyer statement with one very pointed statement.

Imagine, Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero make a surprise appearance at WrestleMania to challenge the New Day? Or they show up to the Smackdown Live after WrestleMania 33 to "delete the Wyatt Family?

The possibilities are endless.


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